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The development of a systematic energy management in industrial systems makes a decisive contribution to the increased productivity of systems. It supports the analysis and deduction of energy saving potentials and thus increases the competitiveness of your company.


Furthermore, in Germany certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 (or a registered environmental management system according to the EMAS regulation) is the prerequisite for the partial liberation for companies with a particularly high energy consumption from the EEG levy as well as for the future exemption of companies from manufacturing industries from the taxation on electricity and energy.

We will gladly support you in the following areas:

Analysis of the current state/basic evaluation

  • On-site collection of values
  • Consuption analysis for all energies (electrical power, water, gas, steam etc.)
  • Analysis of secondary consumption (Air conditioning, lighting, compressors, etc.)
  • Developing of plant-based checklists
  • Assessment of current and future energy needs



Concept development

  • Creating of partial and whole concepts (unit or plant concepts)
  • Development of implementation strategies
  • Integration concepts for existing systems (ERP, LIMS, PIMS, MES)
  • Intelligent load management  (Energy prediction)
  • Consideration of the legal conditions (EEG, power and energy tax reductions)
  • Appraisal of investment costs and economic evaluation

Energy monitoring u. archiving

  • Transparent representation of the actual delivered energy
  • Archiving of 1/4h consumption values
  • Export of consumption values (e.g. DB, Excel,..)



Load / consumption management

  • Monitoring of purchased amounts of energy
  • Control of energy consumption (Energy Prediction)
  • Load management (load shedding, etc.)





Cost optimization

  • Cost calculation (taking into account the Base-and Peakload)
  • Batch-related costing (merge batch-related consumption)
  • Complete cost transparency