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With PDMI-System process values can consist of automation devices and Systems are collected periodically, analyzed and archived. How can also process values from different data sources in a single tool be archived and visualized together.

Create your analyzes and reports across systems, data can exchange with PIMS, LIMS, ERP systems is also possible!

PD-MI-System is the further development based on the extended user requirements.

PD-MI-System is based upon a modern client-server architecture and it supports interfaces based on industry standards. This interface concept enables the connection of automation systems of different manufacturers and it allows the vertical and horizontal integration in nearly all existing IT- infrastructures.


PD-MI-System possesses a future-oriented modular program structure with which it is possible to integrate customer specific add-ons.

Main features overview::

  • Data archiving
    Validation and archiving of evidence- process- data
  • Prozessanalyse/-optimization
    Representation, observation and link of law-suits
  • Quality assurance
    Threshold control, comparison and surveillance
  • Information’s- Management
    Creating customer specific reports, data-transfer at superior- systems
    (vertical system-integration)
  • Maintenance
    Monitoring of current time / maintenance-management
  • Higher economic efficiency
    through optimized process flows and operating recourses

The PD-MI-System is an information system for process data, which functions range from data acquisition to the delivery of this ones in superior and external systems. Thanks to the system’s modular architecture, PD-MI-System was developed for the application in enterprises independently from the enterprise’s size and number of branches.

The following program modules are available:


Interfaces for:

  • Simatic -S5/-S7 Profibus (L2)
  • Simatic -S5/-S7 Ind.-Ethernet (H1)
  • Simatic -PCS7/WinCC
  • Teleperm CS275- Bus
  • OPC-Interface
  • Modbus
  • Database validation
  • Archiving over long periods of time through online Compression and Decompression
  • WinXP, Win7, WinServer2008; WinServer2012(R2)


  • Visualization of  measured values in charts
  • Fast reading and visualizing of great periods of time
  • Scales and curves can be arbitrary defined, parameterized or switched to an  inactive state
  • Construction of new curves through calculations (scientific functions are available)
  • Linear functions
  • Balance of quantities and runtimes through lineal techniques
  • Statistical functions
  • Layer technology to analyze measured points and processes from up to 5 periods of time
  • Zoom functions
  • Export of selected data to Excel
  • X/Y -Diagram of measured values
  • Creation of the chronologies using X/Y -Diagrams by connecting the measured points Master time -function, for a faster error search and adjustment
  • Alarm function by exceeding threshold values
  • WinXP, Win7, WinServer2008; WinServer2012(R2)



  • Enabled visualization in flow charts
  • Integration and association of active controls, motors, valves, lids, bar charts, text charts, etc.
  • Integration of Bitmaps
  • Start of the PD-Analyser  from PD-Chart
  • Definition of threshold and alarm values
  • WinXP, Win7, WinServer2008; WinServer2012(R2)







  • Creation of reports specified by the client
  • Reports can be displayed as data files or as databases
  • Delivery of untreated or miscalculated data to superior systems
  • Creation of charged reports
  • WinXP, Win7, WinServer2008; WinServer2012(R2)


  • Creation of the database formats, developed by Ako-Tec, for a faster access
  • Data acquisition from up to 99 Files
  • Optimized handling of  the Clients’ inquiry (PD-Analyser, PD-Chart, etc.)
  • Monitor functionality for a status request of a particular files and measured values
  • WinXP, Win7, WinServer2008; WinServer2012(R2)

Optional Available Module:

  • Upgrading to petition and administration of meter readings and used quantities that are not yet electronically captured
  • Runtime and operating cycles surveillance of drives, valves, etc. It can define and survey standby times, as well as providing administrated standby informations.

More information in PDF format:


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