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PROTOS 2.0: Announcement of a feature update, f.e. Filter settings can be user-related saved
and loaded. The parsing of the message texts was also optimized, we inform as soon as the features
are ready for delivery.

Implementation of an MQTT interface based on a Simatic -S7 1500 PLC controller. The interface
serves as a bidirectional gateway between the production control level and the control level.

Successful implementation of 8 pcs. Teleperm communication gateways of type ADC-Bridge-TM
(3rd generation with Win10) at a customer of the chemical industry. The gateways works in redundandency
configuration and are connected to the CS275 bus.

ISO 9001: 2015 – Successful system conversion and recertification by DEKRA-Certification GmbH.

PROTOS 2.0: New KPI analysis functionality for “Performance Level” presentation related to (ISA 18.2/EEMUA191) implemented.
Part of the Industry 4.0 strategy.

Commissioning of a Lab application based on NI-LabView.

Delivery of 8 pcs. DataServer-CC licenses to serveral customers for communication between PCS7 and SQL-Databases.

Re-documentation of several Teleperm AS235 units. The scope of work contains the graphical documentation and the generation of the Cause and Effect diagrams.

Teleperm M re-documentation based on AS220/230/235 and OS252/265 systems. The scope of work contains the graphical documentation and the generation of I/O-lists.

Delivery and commissioning of several redundant ADC-Bridge_AS systems for the controller/controller communication between Teleperm ME(EAS) and PCS7 AS-units.

Successful commissioning of a PCS7 V8.2 / SIMATIC Batch system in a Lab.

Development of an OPC-UA (DA/AC) server for the “PD-MI-System” (ProcessData-Management- Information-System)
The OPC-UA (DA/AC) is also available for the “DataServer” family.

The new version of PROTOS 2.0 supports Maria-DB.

The new version of “ADC-Bridge_AS”, Controller/Controller communication between Teleperm M/ME and PCS7 is available. The upgrade of the interface contains an new redundancy switchover, performance optimizing features and an optimized easy handling.

Start of the PCS7 upgrade project in a chemical Lab. Content of the project is to upgrade the PCS7 system from V6.x to V8.2. Ako-Tec provides the customer with all engineering work, also for Simatic- BATCH and deliver all PCS7 hard- and software.

Implementation of a central remote maintenance access (VPN) for Simatic -S5/-S7 PLC based on the Siemens “SINEMA REMOTE CONNECT” system. This system permits a user-controlled access to the PLC’s in compliance with the IT-security policies of the company.

Implementation of the new Alarm Management System “PROTOS 2.0” in a chemical industry plant.
With PROTOS 2.0 the customer is able to store and analyze alarms and messages from Teleperm M and PCS7. To collect data from PCS7 the new DataServer-CC is implemented.

Presentation of the new DataServer-CC. Data-Server-CC is an interface for bidirectional communication between PCS7 and third party SQL-DB or native interfaces. The DataServer-CC works as a service and use a direct access to the PCS7 database. The DataServer-CC can provide values and alarms.

Programming and commissioning of fail-safe applications with a S7-F-controller and S7 distributed safety at a customer of the automotive supply industry.

PROTOS 2.0 system installation at a customer in the chemical industry.

Factory-wide introduction of the PD-MI system with connection to PCS7 systems with SIMATIC BATCH in the chemical industry.

Support of day-to-day operations in the area of ​​operational plant support with Teleperm M, S5, S7 and PCS7 at a food manufacturer.

Operational support and plant optimization with PCS7 and TIA Portal in an industrial power plant.

-S7 blocks for the cycle-precise recording of messages and signal states as well as an application finished for evaluation. In the event of an error, the tool can be used to analyze the signal states before the error occurs. The evaluation application offers various search and analysis options

New version of PROTOS 2.0 available.
Extension of the parsing functionalities as well as extension of the Web FrontEnd. Statistics and evaluations based on ISA 18.2

Successful recertification by DEKRA according to ISO9001:2008.

Software engineering Simatic -S7 in the field of factory automation at an automotive supplier. Creation of a sequence control (LAD / STL) for -S7 300 controllers

Modernization of safety equipment (oscillation, speed measurement) on centrifuges at a food manufacturer.

Completion of drivers for new DeltaV version (EMERSON)

PROTOS system for petrochemicals.
Supply of a PROTOS system for the detection and analysis of alarms at a worldwide operating petrochemicals group.

Software development for a machine for the production of cutting discs with Simatic -S7 1200s Control. The drives and the distributed I/Os were connected to the CPU via ProfiNet.

Creation of driver blocks and faceplates for PCS7 for the manufacturer of a remote I/O System which can be used in hazardous areas.

Plant automation in special machine construction with Simatic TIA Portal (S7-1200) and Sinamics S120 drive technology.

Drivers for DCTM (DeltaV Connect Teleperm M) extended on behalf of Emerson.
DCTM enables system coupling between Teleperm M and Emerson DeltaV via native Driver, which eliminates the configuration overhead in the gateway (ADC-Bridge ™) and all System diagnostics are available in the DeltaV system.

New software version Protos!
With ProtWeb 2.0, a new alarm and message management analysis system was developed, which in addition to the hit list generation also has a web front end. First there are parsers for PCS7 and Teleperm available.

Delivery of a Protos system for the detection of alarms and messages from several Telepem M and PCS7 systems including the analysis tools.

With the acquisition of a new modern diagnostic tool for Profibus DP/PA are now advanced analysis options available. In connection with the experience of our employees, the following analyzes for documentation or troubleshooting/error analysis can be carried out.

Delivery of 4 bridge systems for data coupling between Teleperm ME and WinCC OA for 2 blocks of a nuclear power plant.

Creating PCS7 blocks and faceplates for integrating a remote I/O system for the Ex area (zones 1+2 and 21+22) on behalf of the system manufacturer.

Successful ISO9001:2008 audit by DEKRA.

Ako-Tec joined NAMUR.
NAMUR is an international association of users for automation in the process industry.

Successful final acceptance (FAT) of the ADC-Bridge systems for an oil rig in the North Sea.

Visualization of several wheat flour slices for a mill with Simatic TIA portal.

Successful conclusion of the analysis of inventory technology (Teleperm M, Simatic S5, PCS7 AS / OS)
Oil rig in the North Sea. Project Consulting to support the new control system supplier the migration from Teleperm M to Emerson DeltaV.

Teleperm migration to DeltaV at Wacker ChemieDelivery of 3 redundant bridge systems for data coupling (controller / controller) between DeltaV and Teleperm. Analysis of Inventory Technology (about 17,000 I/O) through back-documentation with the RDTB (RückDokumentationsToolBox).

Control modernization Simatic -S5 to -S7 and establishment of a coupling to PCS7 in the food industry. The program structure of the new controllers was created according to the current customer-specific guidelines.

New version PDE-OPC available. The new version of the PD-MI system reader supports the communication of up to 27 OPC servers.

Implementation of 2 pcs. Teleperm M OS265-3 systems to increase availability in advance a system migration in a utility company.

Software engineering for Siemens systems Teleperm ME / GT104 / Simatic -S7 during the migration to ABB control technology in a power plant.

Consulting services / technical analysis for a production line for the production of active shock absorber systems.

Company founder and longtime CEO Wolfgang Kitzig retired on 30.06.13.

Modernization of red. ADC-Bridge-TM with OPC-Server-DA/AE systems (hardware and software upgrade) in a chemical plant.

Implementation of process optimization with PCS7 V8.0 in a process engineering Investment.

Return documentation “as built” of several Teleperm M AS235 with the RDTB (Back DocumentationToolBox)

Software modification to TDC3000 system at a waste incineration plant

Teleperm migration to DeltaV at Statoil.
Delivery of several red. Bridge systems for data coupling between DeltaV and Teleperm.
Analysis of Inventory Technology (about 17,000 I/O) through back-documentation with the RDTB (RückDokumentationsToolBox)

Project consulting and start-up support in a waste incineration plant

ADC-Bridge and Siemens N-PCI card now running under Windows 7

Building blocks for a Siemens T3000 system at an energy supplier

Completion of work at Exxon Mobil

Creating a concept (PokaYoke) for the production of high quality plastics and the automatic control of recipe processing.

Coupling between Teleperm M and a process data acquisition system via ADC-Bridge-TM successfully implemented at Lanxess

Return documentation of several Teleperm M OS252 systems at Bayer Chempark

Migration from Teleperm to PCS7 V7.0 in a chemical plant

Software connection of an x-ray unit for package screening at a DHL location

Simatic -S5 Software development for a starch mixing plant

EN ISO 9001: 2008 recertification audit successfully passed

Commissioning Support in a biomass power plant for the Siemens PCS7 system

Preparation of a procedural description for a waste incineration plant

Implementation of an energy management system installed at the Procter & Gamble location in Cologne. The Energy Management System is based on Siemens Simatic -S7 and WinCC.

Creating 300 pages P & ID with Eplan P8 PPE (P & ID) in a waste incineration plant

Successful completion of the project “as-built” Documentation of the control technology (automation level) of a waste incineration plant in VBG R170C compliant representation.
Further information is available on request.

Coupling Siemens T3000 to Teleperm-M.
Order for the delivery of the ADC-Bridge-TM incl. OPC-Server for data coupling between T3000 and Teleperm-M AS235 controllers.

Cable drum test rig
Electrotechnical modernization of a test stand (process control) with Siemens Simatic -S7 Control including web access.

Training of several employees in the EPLAN P8 PPE area

Preparation of the procedural system description of a waste incineration plant.
The description includes local and functional relationships of each PLT body including the Link to the reference documents

System migration from Siemens Teleperm-M to PCS7Migration of the existing Teleperm OS / AS systems during operation to PCS7. The goal of minimizing downtime could be achieved.

The RDTB-OS documentation for Teleperm OS252 / OS262 / OS265 is now available as a software license. After many customer requests, the RDTB-OS was further developed into an independent tool.

Successful start-up after a Teleperm-ME migration in a power plant (NL)

25 years of AKO-TEC “25 years of innovation and competence” In 2011, AKO-TEC AG celebrates its 25th anniversary. The anniversary is celebrated with customers, partners and employees.

Order to optimize a paint shop supplied by Ako-Tec AGThe order implements an Ako-Tec concept for capacity optimization.

Completion of RDTB (RückDokumentationsToolBox) for Teleperm-M / ME.
Successful completion of the RDTB-AS for the “as-built” documentation of Teleperm-M / ME. In addition to the RDTB-OS, the completion of the module for AS documentation can now be reported.

Project start for the migration of a MadamS system by 800xA (ABB) via ADC-Bridge-TM OPC-Server-DA/AE at a power plant in NL. Supply of products (ADC-Bridge-TM OPC-Server-DA/AE) and services to replace a MadamS system in a Dutch power plant.

Migration from Teleperm-M AS230 / AS235 to PCS7 AS417 ControllersMigration and exchange of inventory technology in a chemical plant with extremely short downtimes

Delivery of another ADC-Bridge-TM system to replace a Teleperm OS in Switzerland.

Creating the “as-built” return documentation of the operating and. Observation system (Teleperm OS265 / M2000) Create a fully automated “as-built” return documentation in combined graphics / list form with breakdown of all image and function content and their data link.

Order for the “as-built” documentation of the control technology (automation level) of a waste incineration plant in VBG R170C compliant representation. With the database-based RDTB developed by Ako-Tec, controller and assembly (structurable) programs can be imported and automatically drawn in FBD representation. In addition, system-neutral FUPs can be created and linked with other documents (circuit diagrams, P & ID, etc.).

Extension of the PD-MI system at an automotive supplier

Another PROTOS system for ExxonMobilAnother location of “ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbH” will be equipped with PROTOS as a reporting printer replacement system.

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Conversion of the QM system to the standard requirement according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Partnership with automation specialists from India. Strategic partnership to open up further sales markets for our products.

PROTOS for waste incineration plant OberhausenThe previous local printer replacement system has been replaced by PROTOS. The PROTOS database can be accessed via a network from any workstation.

Delivery of ADC-Bridge-TM with OPC-Server-DA / AE interfaces for a project at one of the world’s largest energy providersThe systems supplied by Ako-Tec AG are an integral part of the overall migration strategy and ensure a “bumpless” migration of the existing Teleperm-M systems according to Experion PKS.

Completion of the tools for an automated, system-neutral back-documentation of Teleperm-M systems. Production of the database-based solution for the documentation of the “as build” system status and transfer of the generated return documentation results to the customer. The graphical representation of the results is done in automatically generated Microsoft-Visio documents. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02251/650 30-0.

PROTOS system for Cilag AGDelivery of a PROTOS system for the registration of operating messages and faults of control and operating systems of different manufacturers.

PD-MI system: New PD server now availableAt immediately a completely newly developed PD server is available. In addition to a changed operation, the new “PD-Server2” also includes the functionality “Offline” – Conversion of data. In addition, the PD-Server2 requires less system resources.

Bus load analysis and Teleperm-M basic training at Pilkington Germany AGAnalysis of the current system structure including a bus load analysis (CS275 bus) and customer-specific basic training for new employees.

Replacement of a process data acquisition system with Lanxess Modernization of a data information system based on a Teleperm-M control system. Data communication between the Teleperm-M process control system and the new DeltaV system takes place via the ADC Bridge TM. The essential system components are redundant.

Order for system-neutral back-documentation (Teleperm) received as part of a process control system ReplacementsIn the forefront of a control system exchange from Siemens Teleperm-M to Honeywell Experion PKS, the current hardware and software is to be back-documented. In order to keep the error rate low, or due to the size of the plant, the return documentation is highly automated. The solution will be database based, the logic plans should be automatically generated from the database and presented with Microsoft Visio.

DIN EN ISO 9001Successful surveillance audit by DEKRA

Boehringer Ingelheim uses PD-MI system. The compelling functionalities of the PD analyzer, especially with regard to tracking and comparison of batches, have led to the PD-MI system being enforced in a batch mode as an additional analysis tool.

Timely completion and handover of the production line for the production of cylinder head gaskets to the customer’s deadline, the production line developed in cooperation with the end customer, on which cylinder head gaskets are manufactured for the latest generation of engines of most European automobile manufacturers, ready for operation.

DuRe X25 Expansion of the Ako-Tec flow processing system for compatibility with PCS7.

PD-MI systemNew versions of PD Analyzer and PD Chart available. Details about the new versions can be found in the product flyers in the download area.

Another PROTOS system for ExxonMobilExxonMobil Produktion Deutschland GmbH orders the PROTOS system for another location for archiving and evaluation of process information.

Process optimization in waste incineration plant via Ako-Tec communication bridgeTo optimize the process in a waste incineration plant, a method based on an “artificial neural network” is used. The task of Ako-Tec AG was to ensure the bidirectional data exchange between the Teleperm-ME process control system, the “old” burner control system and the optimization software based on an “artificial neural network”. To ensure the high demands on availability, all system components are designed redundantly.

Process data acquisition system in the automotive supply industryDiscovering and analyzing process data at an automotive supplier. From 7 machining centers with different control systems, the data is archived via Industrial Ethernet and made available for quality verifications.

Acceptance of the replacements of MadamS systems in the Slovak Republic and delivery of the hardware and software for another blockWith the successful replacement of the MadamS system (Teleperm-ME) in a nuclear power plant and the delivery of the necessary systems for another power plant block were the expectations fully satisfied by the customer. After the actual installation and commissioning, the project will be completed in 3Q / 08. Our scope of services includes the concept creation, the delivery of 8 pcs. redundant ADC-BTM bridges (TCP / IP communication), the driver development for the new operator control and monitoring system (PVSS) and the PUX (Process Unit External) connection.

Production line for the production of cylinder head gasketsAko-Tec produces a production line for the production of cylinder head gaskets for a leading European automotive supplier. Our service and scope of supply includes the concept development, definition and agreement of the sub-works, selection of suppliers as well as the coordination of all project participants.

Cooperation agreement with Belsim A cooperation agreement has been signed in the “Process Intelligence” division. The cooperation includes the acquisition, concept development and project implementation in process engineering plants with the goal of process optimization.

New “Professional Service” division As of August 2007, the engineering services in the field of automation-related IT support and application development will be bundled in an independent business unit. In addition to our own products, software packages from partners are used in the area of ​​process optimization. [More …]

Extension PD-MI system “PD-Chart” The process picture Generator (PD-Chart) of our PD-MI-System now has the possibility to visualize history values ​​(History-Process-Analyzer). This may be e.g. Temperature profile changes are visualized.

DIN EN ISO 9001 Successful surveillance audit by the DEKRAIntroduction of an electronic document management system for projects and the QM system.

Teleperm-M / ME Driver development for Yokogawa “Exaquantum” Completion of the software application for the coupling of the “Exaquantum” system of the company Yokogawa to Teleperm-M / ME systems.

Automation with PCS7, Teleperm-M for batches ProductionProcess optimization in a batch production on existing control systems. The optimization includes software work on Simatic PCS7 V5.2, Teleperm-M AS220, AS235, AS488. As visualization systems Teleperm-M OS252 are used. The optimization works concern all plant components from the raw product feed, to reactors to be optimized, exchangers and evaporators up to the loading of the finished product. Project start Feb. 2007

Installation of a PD-MI systemInstallation and commissioning of the PD-MI system at a chemical company in Leverkusen

New websiteThe newly designed websites are now available. An english version will follow soon.

Automation with Teleperm-M Evaporator optimization Conversion of a pre-evaporator and final evaporator for process optimization from Teleperm AS220 to PCS7. The central I / O modules were replaced by ET200 (with I / O modules) with connection to PCS7 via DP bus.

Teleperm-M OS Replacement in SwitzerlandDelivering an “ADC Bridge TM” with drivers for the Delta-V system from Emerson. The Teleperm-M OS265 operating and monitoring level is substituted.

Teleperm-M / ME Replacement of MadamS systems in the Slovak RepublicWith the replacement of 4 MadamS Systems (Teleperm-ME) in 2 blocks of a nuclear power plant, the year starts with a major order. Our scope of services includes the concept creation, the delivery of 8 pcs. redundant ADC-BTM bridges (TCP / IP communication), the driver development for the new operator control and monitoring system (PVSS) and the PUX (Process Unit External) connection.